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he had planned another attack. there are brand new details and we will have those and individualover the blast that killed eight people in that capital. that is coming up off the top. and the first responders who worked in the dust at ground zero are learning whether our government will pay for their cancer treatment. and in box throw, grand new developments in the case of the mom who climbed aboard a school bus to help her son. she was facing criminal charges. but that is changing. and it is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" but first from fox at 3:00 in new york, new warnings from lawmakers today with lets than a week to go before officials say the u.s. government will hit the default. >> we are not at an impasse but at edge of a cliff. unless congress acts. we will go over it. >> everybody clearly has a message we need to be paying attention. >>shepard: just, really, sign a one line thing that says
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"increase the debt." that is all you have to do. but they will not do it. lawmakers still clashing over rival plans aimed at fixing the crisis but neither is fixing anything. one from the house of representatives boehner and one from harry reid and this is all politics. reid and the democratic colleagues urging speaker boehner to pull the plug on the proposal calling it "a bit wet kiss to the right wing." >> it is time for the republicans to face facts struggling to save a tea party bill that is not a balanced solution. at the end of the day, it does matter if speaker boehner's bill passes or fails. the way to resolve the crisis is to ex-nor the extremists and meet not middle. >>shepard: the speaker is struggling to get support from tea party and conservatives in his party. >> we have the boehner proposal on the table that will cut next year $1 billion.
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>> boo! >> we are spending $1 billion an hour virtually. that is insignificant and not meaningful reform. >>shepard: if congress does not raise the debt ceiling which it has done 77 times in my life, the government will not be able to pay its bills. president obama has said that could affect social security checks, it could affect payments to veterans and the disables and affect student loans. experts say the nation would likely lose the first-class credit rating which it could anyway because we have sent the message to the world that maybe what we said in the 14th amendment, the first time we put income tax in place, to pay for a war, called the civil war, that we put that in the 14th amendment we have never come to this edge. but her we are. because they are playing politics. it is that simple. we have team fox coverage.
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mike, does speaker boehner have the votes in the house? it appears the conservatives are not with him? >> it is getting close. they have been doing a lot of arm twisting trying to get to the 217 number and the tide is shifting. farm, listen to this texas republican. >> i am leaning "yes" from leaning "no," and that is don't let the perfect get in the way of the doable. >> so, if more members like that are coming on to 9 side of voting for the boehner plan, you better believe there is a good possibility it will pass the house and they will continue the sale job to republican members to try to get them open bored between now and when they call this up for a vote probably tomorrow. >>shepard: it passes the house. which means it does absolutely nothing. because there is no way it is passing in the senate and not a chance that president obama will sign it, right? >>reporter: well, we are getting close.
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and senator harry reid said if it passes the house of representatives and it gets to the senate i can make changes to it but new york democrat schumer, of course, was more vocal. listen to him. >> the speaker's plan is on life support. and it is time for him to pull the plug. we need to move on to other plans that actually have a chance of passing. even if the speaker is able to bet, borrow and steal his way to 217 republican votes, the bill remains a nonstarter in the senate. and the president will never sign it. >> yet, as you mention, shep, obviously, the majority leader harry reid has his own plan and is allowing the republicans in the house go first to see how their vote comes out, and so it is wait-and-see waiting for the republicans to pull up the bill for a vote. >>shepard: and the white house secretary press says this is no wiggle room on the august 2nd
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deadline to raise the debt ceiling. he is warning average americans will feel the hurt if lawmakers don't get this done. and now, our chief white house correspondent live on the briefing. what is the bottom line from 9 white house? >>reporter: you are right. it is is frustration in carney, and a little irritated at me. the harry reid does not look like it will get through both changers but he is saying that boehner was on a radio show suggesting that, you know, his plan isn't supported by the president and that is a good thing, and carney is saying, look, if that shows republicans don't want to compromise, and they don't want something that president obama can sign so he said if people don't believe that bad things are happening, are going to happen if they default they are wrong. >> they are so convinced this is
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all made up, you know ... buy it whole and see what happens. tell your members of congress, don't worry about it. honestly, it is a false argument. it is the gorilla dust. this is real. and dangerous. >> he was also asked about what you mentioned a moment ago, what about the 14th amendment of the constitution, let the president judd unilaterally say we have to pay our dead, and act through executive order, and not wait around for congress. he said "there's no way around this, there's no escape, the president will not do that." >>shepard: it sounds like the president could be getting help from a republican ally in john mccain, strangely. very report since the 2008 campaign, he has not been helpful to this white house, but the white house has been trying to make the point that the president has been compromising on issues like taxes, moving to
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the middle, and they believe the republicans have been held captive to the tea party which is on, having a big rally today on capitol hill, and listen to what john mccain said on the senate floor quoting an editorial from the "wall street journal" on the editorial page. >> the tea party hob its could return to middle earth having defaulted the enemy. this is the kind of crack political thinking that turns sharron angle into g.o.p. senate nominees. the reality is the debt limit will be raised one way or another and the only issue now is with how much fiscal reform and what political fallout. >>reporter: that makes you wonder if it will take an elder statesman of both parties but someone like john mccain on the republican side, who is not in the leadership that has been meeting at the white house but outside the process, to say, look, folks, let's end the extremes and figure this out in
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the middle. >>shepard: thank you from the white house, ed. 62 percent of americans surveyed, an abc news poll from yesterday, say they want some combination of cuts, which are necessary, and revenues which are necessary. and no plan, not one, has that. not the boehner plan. not the reid plan, it doesn't exist. and they talk about cutting spending, right? and they say there is no spending cuts in this. nothing. it is cut relative to inflation. but spending actual goes up each year, discretionary. discretionary. the largest of that is the veteran's administration, you want to cut the veteran's administration? keeping the veterans safe. defense department is not in there. house speaker john boehner is facing a conservative republican rebellion last hour, a tea party heard suggested boehner might just step down. he is not had a good time getting thinged passed in the
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house of representatives. one thing after the other and it is not working. juan williams is coming up and he will examine the speaker's chances of getting the so-called tea party members and others on board with the man and solving this thing before we get to august 2nd. and then we are, our rating goes down, our credit rating goes down, and the s&p and the rest, downgrade the united states credit rating. then what will happen? everything we do is more expensive. everybody. and that amounts to a tax on the middle class and the poor. on everybody. ground zero residents and first responders exposed to the toxic dust will not get federal money for cancer treatment. that's the outcome of a new government review that states there is little evidence of a link between the disease and the cloud of harmful debris in the destruction of the world trade center. a number of first responders and members of congress blasting the
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report. if a statement the new york democratic senator schumer calls it "premature," and "so many have such rare cancers ambassador such young ages it seems obvious there must be a link." and now, rick is in new york, survivors call this "absurd," and "unacceptable." >> and a slap to the face. i met a worker whose building is next to ground zero and he was there that day and every day after, volunteering for emergency response team, and in 2005 he developed nasal cancer. only one in 40,000 people get it. he lost his smell, taste, and part of his hearing, and doctors said this was a direct result from exposure to toxic fumes at the site. >> absolutely no doubt in my mind. i know it came from that. because i never had a problem before.
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(inaudible) i started it to develop after working at ground zero. >> heart disease is the leading cause of death but cancer is the leading cause of death of first responders more than half of the illness-related deaths are cancer related more man double the national average. >>shepard: why not just cough the people? congress approved more than $4 billion worth of health care for the first responders? report very they will say it is expensive but the program says it is based on the scientific and medical findings and the peer reviewed literature and insufficient evidence exists to propose a rule to add cancer or a certain time of cancer to the 9/11 health and compensation act. and our medical expert disagrees. >> many of the responders develop cancer at a premature age, it is absolutely related it their exposure, and they need to be reimbursed for are their medical treatment. it is the least we can do to reward this kind of heroism.
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>>reporter: the program will do reviews for cancer as new findings are released but the next review is not scheduled until next year. >>shepard: thank you from new york city, rick. a judge will release the names of the jurors who acquitted casey anthony and some of the jurors say people have threatened them since they found the florida mom not guilty. does the judge have a choice? can they be protected? our legal panel will get into that? and as i mentioned, back to our top story of the day in the nation without question is the debt limit. they can pass in one sentence a debt limit and they can go through the political process of choosing people who vote the way the people want and get things done that way. ananananannouncer] the network.
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>>shepard: the judge in the casey anthony murder trial will release the names of the juror whose acquitted casey anthony. that is not unusual. what is unusual is to keep them secret at all. the judge originally withheld the names of the "and called for a cooling off period," after there were protests and death threats for some on the jury. one quit her job and left the state. now the judge says he will release the name but not until october. and now, arthur idol what and criminal defense attorney, drew. why not release the names? i understand there are threats here and there, but, i mean, what do you do, drew? >> well, the judge is making a correct decision for two reasons. first, for the safety of the jurors. there are some idiots that cannot come to terms with the fact that 12 qualified jurors not one held out, not two, but
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12 people reached a decision in this case so there are idiots that cannot come to terms with it and rather than put the people in danger he is allowing a cooling off period which is constitutional. second, we must remember that there was a not guilty verdict. therefore, there is no post trial interview of the jurors to see if they were corrupted in anyway to be used by an appeal. so there is in need whatever for their names to be released legally and for safety. >>shepard: but the people who were threatening, if this is the case, and we are led to believe this is the indicate, in large part, people sat and watched the tv show all these months and years, and they think it is about them. it is not. it wasn't about them. justice has happened and that is it. shut up. leaf them alone. move on. >>guest: your analysis to a tv show, and i assume you have not read the 13 page decision, but he said that, shep, you said
3:18 pm
what the judge wrote in his opinion, he said this courtroom case became the media has blurred the line between news and entertainment. and they turned this into an entertainment expense opposed to a news experience and he really blasted the media. and i will disagree withdraw because the judge could have gone further. he could have had the hupsta, he could have said if this is so extra ordinary--. >>shepard: no, florida has the best open record laws in the country, a set of rules and it is open to everybody, this is how it works. >>guest: if the judge finds there are--. >>shepard: you protect them. we have a big judicial system, we have a big system, plenty of cops, they have more cops--. >>guest: that is another solution. but these are extraordinary circumstances--. >>shepard: if you conduct the people's business behind closed
3:19 pm
doors all the time, you will end up with a disaster we have in washington. >>guest: but this is far, this is the exact opposite of behind doors this is open doors and wear just preserving the safety the people who did the hardest job here. >>shepard: i feel you, it is tough, isn't it, drew? >>guest: if you suggest that, perhaps, this is like some blue ribbon jury, i think it is far different from that. this is our jury system and i grow if you are talking about the fact we need transparency, but, i think we have to balance tranceparency, but there has been irresponsible journalism from former lawyers that are only concerned about their own popularity and taking shots. >>shepard: say the name, drew! >>guest: and they know very well that you cannot compare the
3:20 pm
experience these 12 jurors had to people watching this trial in their living room. whatever has caused the jurors to be threatened by the crazy jerks out there we still have to value, shep, their safety versus the issue. >>shepard: same thing happened after o.j. >>guest: the judge writes there should be a special exception to the rule but he could have taken the step and say i will make that exception right here in this case, and bring it to the appellate court. >>shepard: maybe he will revisit it. thank you. rebel our "not" war in libya, the third unfunded war we have going on? new news on that ahead. my doctor told me calcium
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>>shepard: breaking news from wall street. look at that, the dow dug is --
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is diving today. 1.63 percent on the dow jones industrial average and similar on the s&p. and the nasdaq. you know why? for a long time wall street went, this is no way, no way, no way the lawmakers will flirt with actually defaulting, the united states government defaulting on its debt? we will just not pay you? not pay? we owe you money but we will not pay. by the way, we have to borrow a billion today. we have to borrow a billion. otherwise question not keep doing anything but we will not pay you back. how do you think that will go after that? so, the wall street is realizing the fools in washington could actually let them default on our debt. i will not say they will, but got nothing right now, do we. all running and in circles up there. so, the dow jones industrial average is down 200 points. thank you, the "not" war in libya continues, and that is not expensive. certainly. as does the u.s. military action
3:25 pm
in north african nation part of a nato led coalition backing the libyan opposition in the month long battle with muammar qaddafi regime. the president said this will be days not weeks and then "days," we would be in the "lead," not weeks. and all that is just wording because nato is us. jennifer is at the pentagon. jennifer, jennifer, jennifer, this is free, right, this third of our war, the third one, the first two were not funded for years and years, and they did not put them in the budget or fund the things and much less raise the tax to pay for them, but this is free, right? >>guest: well, it is not free, there are no free wars, as you know, the pentagon budgeted $820 million for the "not" war and that was through june 30th and now the pentagon says that they estimate it will cost $100 million a month through the end of september and the problem is they did not know when the war
3:26 pm
will end. >> we know it is costing between $2 million and $3 million a day but the first week cost hundreds of millions with the weapons we used. we probably spent over $1 billion there. and, or close to it. and i have no idea where the end is. >> that was congressman who is the chairman of the house armed services committee. to be fair, the cost for the afghanistan and iraqi wars costs about $10 billion a month so the libyan war or not war is a lot less expensive but it is still money that is being spent each day. >>shepard: and now the british are talking about kicking out the libyan arch -- ambassador and i read that libyans are responding. what is happening? >>reporter: the ambassador, the libyan arch, switched sides early on and left the government and now he represents the rebels
3:27 pm
and, so, the united states has a different situation but the british have asked the rebels to send a new ambassador. they kicked the others out. the british have also recognized this trans national council as transitional, as the legitimate representative, and, now we hear that the rebels are saying that while saying two weeks ago that muammar qaddafi could stay if he retired they are saying they are rescinding that offer. take a listen to the chairman of the joint chiefs. >> we are generally in a stalemate although with the strikes overtime muammar qaddafi's forces are continuing to be receivers of additionaly pressure. >> a stalemate and the united states is paying three quarters of the nato operating costs. >>shepard: three quarters. thank you, jennifer.
3:28 pm
of course the first two wars ... we didn't pay for them. just let them happen. and we are in a debt crisis. more on the battle in washington, to solve the debt crisis, it is clearly a problem that they could fix with the swipe of a pen. boom. like they have done 77 times in my life. does the house speaker get the tea party republicans on board with the man? most recently a tea party representative said that john boehner should quit. basically. juan williams joins us ahead.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour and now the top of the news. norway on high alert. days after the confessed murderer that killed 76 people in the worst mass killings in modern history on this planet. new individualover the blast outside the government building and we are told this is surveillance video from an electronic store. see this? you can see the explosion shattering the windows. a judge said that the suspect admitted he planted the bomb. and he admitted he agained down dozens at a summer camp for kids. survivors say he dressed up as a cop and gathered everybody together and shot them. some catchers hit in bathrooms
3:33 pm
and others ran into the woods or jumped into the water. a couple of the rescuers are telling their stories. >> the shooting was going on for a long time when the young people were in our house. and we could see the man on the island was shooting young people trying to get away and trying to swim. >> they were floating in the water, laying on the cliffs hanging there on the cliffs and laying all around the island. most accounts, around 25 or 30 dead people on the beaches. >> the killing spree that the cops say lasted 90 minutes. 76 people killed in the attack and it looks as if he may have a lot to kill again. according to the suspect's own writing he planned another attack, what he called a bonus mission, and it involved his escape from prison.
3:34 pm
the fox report's chief correspondent is in new york to tell us of the bonus mission. >>jonathan: it is involving first of all, putting together a group of weapons, ammunition, money, survival supplies, and then breaking out of prison and the operation itself, according to the manifesto, "consists of the assassination of three to five primary category b traders," and prior to the arrest, he must acquire at least basic intelligence on his targets, picture, address, full name, so he may execute his operation in a timely and professional manner, the three to five executions combined should take no longer than one to three hours. and given that this was planned to be a break out from prison and then the assassinations, one could assume the police are acting on the basis he might yet try to do this. >>shepard: how did he plan to choose the victims, do we know,
3:35 pm
in the "bonus," operation. >>jonathan: he talks about targeting hardened marxist, anyone who is pro islamist. and he talks about publishing a list of those he wants to execute while in prison but that list would simply be to scare those people and try to have them back off their pro islamist view. the real target would not for obvious reasons be publicized in case they got security and them. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan, from new york. the walter reed hospital closed the doors after treating wounded service member and presidents for more than a century. long before a 2007 "washington post" newspaper investigation revealed poor living conditions at the hospital, and it treated hundreds of thousands of the fighters from before world war one. president nixon recovered from a staff inspection there.
3:36 pm
and president eisenhower died there. so did arm general mcarthur. and a military panel in 2005 decided to close the aging campus to cut costs. it will not merge operations with the national naval center at bethesda, maryland. >> our rich history on this old campus is ending but as we have been reminded many times, walter reed is not a building. walter reed is the people who provide care and compassion for wounded, ill, and injured war years. >>shepard: the government will preserve some of the builtings as historic landmarks but walter reed is a thing of the past. officials in west tennessee avert a major budget crisis that would have forced 100,000 kids to miss the first days of school. the memphis city school board voted to delay the start of classes in a fight over $55 million in city funding. but last night officials agreed to a through deal, schools will
3:37 pm
get some of the money uppresent and the rest in installments. the city council must approve the deal for a merge. the nation on the verge of an economic disaster, make no mistake. it will affect all of us, you will pay more for everything and interest rates go up, and lawmakers cannot seem to agree on a deal to raise the debt limit, just sign a thing raising it and work it out. republican leaders are facing revolt from their own party, conservatives and the tea party backed members calling the house speaker boehner's plan a sell out. here is more from senator john mccain blasting his own tea party colleagues on the senate floor. >> idea seems to be that the house g.o.p. refuses to raise the debt ceiling a default or gradual government shut down will ensue and the public will turn against president obama. republican house have failed to raise the debt ceiling would
3:38 pm
escape the blame. >>shepard: well, the senator was quoting an editorial from the "wall street journal" which is owned by the parent company of this network and suggests that republican opposing their party leaders are actually applying right into president obama's hands. hear that? they are playing right into president obama's hands by opposing their own party and risking fiscal disaster in the united states of america. and they are playing around with it. and now, wednesday's with juan. juan williams is us with, the author among other things o "muzzled," and major garrett spoke of this matter on another network. he was a correspondent here, terrific journalists and we respect and admire him. he pointed out accurately with fact, that this is and i quote, "turn upside down," no, this is not a quote, in this case the politicians are not solving a
3:39 pm
problem they are physically creating this problem. it does not need to exist. the politics have created it. >>juan: at moment, this is so crazy, they are not only creating it, but inside the ranches of the g.o.p. they are creating a major divide that is helping to diminish the g.o.p.'s prospects going into 2012 which is what senator john mccain and the "wall street journal" and much can see this. but the thing is, they don't care about the politics or care about getting re-elected or the idea that politics should be the art of compromise and they could walk away and claim victory having pushed the president and the democrats to the point where they are talking about major cuts in terms of entitlement spending in this country in addition to spending cuts in terms of agency spending. so, the tax cut they talking about, closing loopholes, doing away with deductions, they are not talking about major tax hikes on 98 percent, 99 percent
3:40 pm
of americans. what are they talking about? >>shepard: and this is against the will. the polls show they, the membership want to close the loopholes that allow major corporations to make nothing, nothing in taxes. nothing. i will not go law the list. they did not pay a penny. close the loopholes. and lindsay lohan, senator from south carolina, and he has been a moderate voice in the party. lindsay lohan is now supporting the tea party idea here because he by all observations is afraid of an attack from the right. another family time will come and take his seat so he has to move right on this. juan, your thoughts? juan juan remember what happened to senator bennett from utah. the tea party comes in and says you are not conservative enough. this is what i'm talking about. you get the far right extreme and now governing the republican
3:41 pm
party, so that everybody who says i can see what the best interests of the country is, is, in fact, not governing. they are thinking in weres of campaigning, and they are thinking of a threat not coming from the middle but someone saying i can do a better job in washington than you can, but they are saying i will be more conserve stiff, i will be conservative to an extreme, and i will fly a flag and say i can be more absurd that you are in terms of extreme right wing politics in the country. even to the point of pushing the country over the press pice and ruining my 401(k), my interest rates in terms of bying a house, buying a car, put all of this in danger but say, i'm standing on principle. is this whacky? >>shepard: this is dangerous to our nation. we face the real possibility of a downgrade in our credit rating no matter what happens because of the way we have acted. >>juan: look at the insurance companies, what they will do, look what the bond companies will do, they will reassess risk, everybody, and the minute they start doing that, because
3:42 pm
they say the political atmosphere is unstable it drives down our rating and puts us in an economically treacherous position and the recession, and suddenly, the recovery looks like it is in danger by a problem and that is a problem the politicians are creating. >>shepard: the problem that exists in the republican party, the republicans will not deny this exists. and they are demanding a plan, a sell it plan, smog from the president, and the reason they have not gotten the plan because they want him on paper so the left can come after him so we have the left in the democrats fighting with the middle. the right with the republicans fighting and what is at stake is the future of the nation at stake. >> association let's talk about this. it is not that you have left versus right on the extreme, talking to each other saying if
3:43 pm
you differ and you talk about entitlement cuts you are not a good democrat or you talk about a tax on the right you are not a good republican but you are talking about silencing anyone who will challenge it and point out a danger for the entire economy and president obama, let me tell you, even the "wall street journal" says it looks like the trap was a success and how on the republican side how can you not talk about cantor, stabbing john boehner in the back. because he is playing to the tea party politics instead of saying the leadership of the party wants to take a responsible role and manage our country's fiscal future, with some care. >>shepard: maybe we can realize now that nothing is free. you cannot start wars and not raise revenues to pay for them and to keep congress people on your side to allow the wars to be fought you cannot refuse to veto a spending bill. ever. and spend yourself and oblivion. you cannot do that. the math is not there. we have done it.
3:44 pm
so here we are. and now the politicians are holding this nation hostage. and people are angry. >>juan: they should be. the politicians are elected to load and govern. >>shepard: they are not >>shepard: they are not governing oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you ne home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. sort of like two in one. how did you guys think of that? itust came to us. what? bundling and saving made easy. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>>shepard: word that 9/11 family members will meet with the attorney general next in to discuss concerns that people have hacked their voice mail. the family members lawyer confirm the meeting will take place on august 24 in washington, dc, stemming from the hacking scandal at the shouldered news of the world tabloid in great britain owned by fox news channel's parent company, arrival paper cited unnamed services and accusing news of the world of trying to get the phone records of lend victims. last week, a spokesman said that there is no evidence of hacking
3:48 pm
and said this was businesses on speculation but the meeting is happening with the attorney general, august 24th. we will have coverage. new developments in the case against warren jeffs, the polygamist sex leader accused of sexually assaulting two underable girls that he married. he was on the most wanted list at one point with bin laden and a judge is hearing opening motions today after a long jury selection process and if convicted, he could face maximum sentence of 119 years it live in prison. there is big news from somebody on another network today. trace, who is the woman who first brought charges against him saying the ed in the trial will open the eyes of the world? >>trace: she goes on to say when the evidence comes out it will shock the word. she is 22, now married with two kids but she says when she was 14 that warren forced her to marry her 19-year-old first
3:49 pm
cousin, and she brought charges, he was convicted but the conviction was overturned. and she was a member of the fundamentalist mormon church which of court has nothing to do with the mormon church and says and i quote, "many people don't understand the people in these closed communities can't just walk out of them, it takes a choice about warren," she goes on to tell "good morning america" "he wasp -- was much like a prince but the mouthpiece of god because god what in our prophet and can'ted a lot respect and we all feared him very much." of course he now is facing life in prison all over again. >>shepard: many believe he is still controlling his followers from jill, is that right? >>trace: yes, they believe he has a firm grip on his followers from jill and that he will, until the day he dies. the texas sheriff says he has
3:50 pm
actually fed $23,000 on phone cards, leading them to believe he is giving orders, controlling his followers over the phone. there are even some who believe that warren jeffs, if he is incarcerated for life it will elevate his status because it makes him a martyr for the cause but in prison he would have less access to a phone. >>shepard: thank you, trace, from los angeles. we are talking about a woman who says he forked hadder to marry her own first cousin when she was 14 years old. the legal panel on this case next. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>shepard: back to the trial of polygamist warren jeffs, jury selection in next and now finished but the defense is
3:54 pm
pushing and our legal experts are here, arthur and drew. one thing that the cult allows is you will be a god in the after life and he forces this first woman who filed charges to marry her first cousin. i believe he was 18 and i'm almost positive she was 13 or 14. and, now, they want him to pay, drew. >>guest: well, i tell you something that i find interesting about to case that most of the general public doesn't know. obviously, this gentleman and his cult and his leadership is about criminal, he starts when this all happened, late 2008 going of 2009 with a great criminal defense attorney from austin, and then he, since then, has in rapid fire, been going
3:55 pm
through attorneys until a few weeks ago, changing his lead laureate again. he is clearly to me from the outside looking in trying to control the direction of his against probably the way he controlled the people that worshiped him and their relationship and their marriages. >> if you want a window into his prospects of being successful at this trial, the judge calls in 207 people for jury to be potential jurors and she sad to let 120 go because they said they cannot presume him innocent. that is like unheard of. >>guest: if fairness to the new counsel would i understand has been on the case if no more than two weeks on a case of this magnitude they are going to, they indicated, they will come in, with a motion tomorrow morning, to change veteran -- venue and they will say, forget the jury we picked we have to go
3:56 pm
to another part of texas because the chances that even the people with did choose based on the stats we saw will give him a fair trial, are unbelievable. or, they will say, and this happens quite often, they will say, we want to pick this group, we have selected it, we are fine, but we will go about 350 miles away so they are away from the community and the community sentiment during the course of the trial. >> the facts of the case are is egregious and just vile, that ... he is going to get convicted like this. >> but you have to remember, one thing to remember during the course of the trial, remember, though, there are two victims in this trial and they have subpoenaed all the other women and they don't know what they will say and we know the rule in our work, which is never put, ask a question you don't know the answer and i wonder if they
3:57 pm
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